Players 1 + Yellow Puffle
Controls Mouse
Minigame location Night Club
Date released February 25, 2018
DJ3K is a minigame in Tundra Penguin, located in the Night Club. The game is a way for penguins to create their own music for their igloo. You can bring your Yellow Puffle along in the game and it will dance and earn you more points, along with coins. To play the game, move your mouse to click all the buttons on the DJ Table and make music. The better the music sounds, the more coins you will make. There is also a way to leave your screen for 5 minutes and you will get some coins.


  • It is Franky's favorite game.
  • The name DJ3K means Disc Jockey 3000, as the letter "K" stands for thousand (this may mean it was made by Gary considering that most of his gadgets end with the number 3000).


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