Sensei is a Ninja first appearing in the Closed Beta Party in March of 2018. He is an old penguin and a master of all the Card Jitsu Elements. He has thick eyebrows, a white beard, a walking stick, and a traditional Japanese straw hat.

He is a master of Card Jitsu and teaches it to the penguin of Tundra Penguin Island.

Card Jitsu

Card Jitsu is an ancient art of the Ninja involving multiple different types of cards, one to four opponents, and a lot of thinking. In order to win, one must play the right cards, three of different colours or three of the same element but different colours, to defeat his/her opponent in a battle. This is repeated until the penguin in question has earned their black belt and is ready to fight Sensei. Once Sensei is defeated, he/she becomes a ninja.

Card Jitsu has not been released on Tundra Penguin yet.

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